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How to select segment of trading in share market

Share market is full of ups and downs. So a trader is always at risk while dealing in share market. That’s why it is always recommended to do fundamental and technical analysis before dealing in any stock. There are various stock tips provider who firstly perform research and then provides call to the traders. Stock market is very wide .It includes various segments such as Equity, Commodity and Currency Trading. The people trade in share market according to their investment and risk taking capacity. Let us take a quick view on every segment of share market. ·Equity market:- A investment of around 50K is considered to be ideal to earn good returns in equity market. Although a trader can start with small investment also, as the broker gives the facility of 5-10 times limit. In equity market the traders deal in number of shares. ·Commodity market:- In commodity market there is again a category that is bullion and base metal. For bullions an investment above 1 lakh for a single lot is require…