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TCS posts Q4 profit at Rs 6,608 cr, revenue and margin miss estimates TCS lost 1.3 percent in revenue and 40 bps in margin during Q4 due to currency fluctuation. Moneycontrol NewsCountry's largest IT services exporter Tata Consultancy Services' fourth quarter (January-March) earnings were mixed as profit fell 2.5 percent sequentially to Rs 6,608 crore on lower-than-expected growth in topline.Revenue during the quarter declined 0.3 percent to Rs 29,642 crore QoQ, dented by subdued growth in key segments like BFSI and retail.However, revenue in dollar terms increased 1.5 percent to $4,452 million compared with previous quarter and grew 1 percent in constant currency.TCS lost 1.3 percent in revenue and 40 bps in margin during Q4 due to currency fluctuation, said Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO and MD.Profit was expected at Rs 6,338 crore on revenue of Rs 29,864 crore for the quarter, according to average of estimates of analysts polled by CNBC-TV18.

S1- 9,119.70
R1- 9,159.45
R2- 9,179.60

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Commodity Market is full of risks. A trader is always at risk while dealing in it. The trader always has to speculate on the prices of commodities to earn good profits.
Dealing good in commodity Market, earning profits , minimizing risks all these three needs a good knowledge of commodity market and also need of good commodity tips.
There are two segments in commodity market:-
MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange):- It includes dealing in base metals, bullions (gold, silver).
NCDEX (National Commodity Derivative Exchange):-NCDEX includes agriculture commodities like soya bean etc.

Commodity market is considered to be that market which works according to the principle of high risk and high reward. A trader is always at very high risk while dealing in commodity market. 
Commodity market in India fluctuates very much by the happenings in US market, Singapore market and so on. SO if a trader wants to earn good profit in this market then he must be aware abo…

How to select segment of trading in share market

Share market is full of ups and downs. So a trader is always at risk while dealing in share market. That’s why it is always recommended to do fundamental and technical analysis before dealing in any stock. There are various stock tips provider who firstly perform research and then provides call to the traders. Stock market is very wide .It includes various segments such as Equity, Commodity and Currency Trading. The people trade in share market according to their investment and risk taking capacity. Let us take a quick view on every segment of share market. ·Equity market:- A investment of around 50K is considered to be ideal to earn good returns in equity market. Although a trader can start with small investment also, as the broker gives the facility of 5-10 times limit. In equity market the traders deal in number of shares. ·Commodity market:- In commodity market there is again a category that is bullion and base metal. For bullions an investment above 1 lakh for a single lot is require…

Forex Market – Apply and grow up Money with it

“Forex” means foreign exchange. And FOREX TRADING meaning dealing and trading in different currencies. In forex trading different currencies are traded against each other. Say for example US Dollar is traded against Indian Rupee. Forex trading market is the global market which includes all activities like buying, selling and exchanging. The foreign exchange market helps people in doing international trade by giving them the ease to exchange the currency as they want. This means the foreign exchange has enabled the traders to import or export goods or services in any of the county as they want.

        There are three ways in which the people can trade in Forex. They are:-


Spot Market:-In this market the buying and selling of currencies is done according to the current price for that particular currency.

Forward Market:-In this market there is no spot deal. This market deals in “Contracts”. A contract is an agreement between two parties of buying and sellin…

The Greatest Stock Trading Tips for Stock Option


Best Commodity Tips to get huge profit

Commodity market is one among the segment of share market which is full of high risks and high returns. So which dealing in share market especially in commodity market a trader is always in need of highly researched tips to earn good. Commodity market attracts the traders to deal in it because gives very high returns although it is having high risks too.

The regulator of commodity market in India is FMC (Forward Markets Commission). It regulates  the commodity market. There are two exchanges in Commodity Market:-

1.MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange):- MCX includes dealing in Bullions (Gold, Silver), Base Metals , Energy.

2.NCDEX (National Commodity Derivative Exchange):- NCDEX includes dealing in agricultural commodities.
The Commodity Market (MCX) starts  from 10 am to 11:55 pm from Monday to Friday. This is the time where a trader deals in the stock market. The commodity market in India is said to be somehow dependent on the American Market. The news of the American Market highly affects t…